Woody scent, green with hints of camphor, moss and strong earthy shade. Reminiscent of the smell of smoke autumn bonfire with oriental spices. Patchouli oil changes its character over time: from the sweet-herbaceous to woody calm. Patchouli - "the smell of money." It has long been believed that the essential oil of patchouli attracts wealth, fertility, business success and stability. It awakens the energy, reveals the artistic tendencies and improves perception.


Advantages of Arabic perfume:

100% natural ingredients, very persistent aromas of daisy chain, no alcohol, is very economical to use, 1 drop = 10 hours fragrance. Consisting of pheromones (substances attract the opposite sex). Upon contact with water is enhanced flavor.

The versatility of use: can be used for therapeutic purposes, for aromatherapy, massage, in baths, cosmetic procedures.

Homeland perfume is notFrance, is Ancient Egypt. Egyptians since ancient times, perfectly mastered the art of extracting and combining flavors, embodying them in precious perfume oil. Them to use celebrities like Ancient Egypt: Tutankhamun, Nefertiti, Cleopatra, and other ...

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