tea beverage is deep red, it is made from the colors of Egypt rose (Hibiscus scientific name).

At Hibiscus there are many names with its spread around the world. The most popular drink in the Arab countries. Hibiscus is the homeland of Egypt, and the most popular is in countries such as Sudan. The Hibiscus Egypt called the "drink of the pharaoh."

To get the Hibiscus, Hibiscus flowers are harvested and zasushivat. Drink Hibiscus has a sour taste and has many useful properties.

What is useful Hibiscus tea?

Substances that make hibiscus is red, strengthens walls of blood vessels. Hibiscus helps to reduce blood pressure, beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract and liver, contributes to a better development of bile, has an antibacterial effect.

Hibiscus has gained popularity in the Arab world due to its ability to quickly quench thirst, both hot and cold.

Vitamins and minerals that are contained in the hibiscus, improve immunity, enhance the body's resistance to colds, reduces stress.

The beneficial properties of hibiscus tea can talk a lot, it is not in vain in the Arab world called "cure-all". But it is also important to note what kind of damage can cause Hibiscus and to whom it should not be used.

Hibiscus tea is not recommended to drink to people who have gastritis with high acidity and gastric ulcer, because Hibiscus tends to increase acidity. Hibiscus is not necessary to drink for those who have greatly reduced pressure, because, as mentioned earlier, Hibiscus lowers blood pressure.

Brewing tea Hibiscus?

Hibiscus drink is delicious, both hot and cold. Prepare a tea from the Sudanese rose petals as regular tea. For this pour cup of hot water and sugar are added to taste one teaspoon of petals.

Cool Hibiscus prepare as well as both hot and cooled. Optionally, you can add ice.


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