Arabic Coffee  

preparing not so easy, you just need to know the technology of preparation. Generally, Arabic coffee - it is art.

Coffee - a favorite drink of many people around the world. There are many ways to prepare this refreshing drink. Underlying all of them is the process of hot water in contact with the ground coffee. As a result of this contact is heated coffee, flavoring allocated and ready to drink saturated intense flavor.

Arabic coffee is slightly different from, for example, Turkish coffee, as during the preparation of the first boiling occurs that completely contradicts the Turkish coffee. After boiling, beverage, it appears excessive bitterness that not everyone likes.

To make coffee in Arabic, one must grind the coffee beans. Then take 1-2 teaspoons of coffee, a teaspoon of sugar and 150 ml of water. The sequence of putting some ingredients is important. First, put the sugar in the Turk, cover with water and boil. After that, pour the ground coffee and put Turk on fire again. When the coffee starts to boil, remove the Turk from the heat, and hot, pour into cups. There are several recipes for Arabic coffee.

How to make Arabic coffee

Arabic coffee is not prepared in a large coffee shops, it is necessary to cook in Turku, at home, when you have no worries, and you put the soul into the preparation. The entire process of brewing Arabic coffee takes about 7 minutes. During this time the coffee machine in a coffee shop you brew 5 cups of coffee, but the drink will not be able to switch you to the world of poetry and tranquility.

There are different mix of Arabic coffee. One of these is a coffee with cardamom and Arabic spices. This coffee is very finely ground, more like fervor. The coffee beans are added milled cardamom and Arabic spices. This coffee drink has a mild flavor and delicate aroma of the East.


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